GB/T 1591 Q345A low alloy steel plate and sheet

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    GB/T 1591 Q460E low alloy steel plate stock size More

    We can manufacture and export Q460E high strength steel sheet, Q460E hot rolled plates, Q460E heavy plates, Q460E GB low alloy steel strips, and round bars with competitive price. There are 3000 tons hot rolled plates and steel sections stock in Shanghai
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    GB/T 1591 Q460D low alloy steel material More

    There are three quality grades under Q460 series steel: Q460C, Q460D and Q460E. Density of this steel is 7.85 g/cm³. Q460D GB low alloy steel tensile strength is 550-720 MPa; the yield strength is minimum 460 MPa when thickness less than 16mm. For Q460D s

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